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What is Holding Space?

So what does it mean to hold space? It is a profound phrase, used in a vast range of areas ranging from philosophy to organisation management. Holding space means being present, open, allowing, and protective of the needs of others. If you haven't heard the phrase before, make sure to look it up, there are several interesting articles on the subject.

At Nimble Initiatives we believe that holding space is the very key to stimulate innovation and unleash the full potential of both an individual and an idea. By having trust in self-organisation and resist the urge to control the creative work of others we believe that great things will come your way.

That's why all our initiatives get total freedom and anyone who feels drawn to the idea can contribute in any way they see fit. So we hold space and let the team work their magic.

And please enjoy Harrison Owen's beautiful and vivid explanation of Holding Space

"Holding space is an act that is at once totally present and totally invisible. It is, like the Tao, an activity that is characterized by paradox. Holding space is about resting in the trust that self-organization, that force which created the universe and brought us to this point, will continue to work its magic. To prepare yourself to submit to the power of self-organization, you must let go of outcomes. You must breathe life into the principle that "whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened." We learn to let our desires fall away and confront what is present in the space, and what is real and living before us. To hold space is to rest in the chaos that is darkness; a darkness that represents a vast field of unknown potential. It is this field that you are inviting to hum. From this field understanding will blossom, light will emerge, possibilities will grow."