Holding space and exploring thoughtful ideas

At Nimble Initiatives we believe in finding creative ways to realise a vision, resisting the urge to control and staying true to who you are.

Creative initiatives

Every crazy idea, or experiment may be an initiative for something grand. By trusting self-organization and letting go of outcome we let each initiative work its own magic.

We encourage to freely contribute to the initiatives that engage you the most, helping the initiative to reveal its unknown potential.

A sneak peek of our first initiative.

A user experience you’d expect from a professional tool. Opinionated and designed for everyday usage. Built for speed. No spinners or waiting. Developed with timeless techniques and with a true people first perspective.

Coming soon. Stay updated by following our social channels!

Marcus LindblomCo Founder

Voices from the founders.Tune in and listen to short monologues as we share our insights, experiences and thoughts while building Nimble Initiatives and developing purposeful endeavours.

Joint ventures.

Through collaborations, we believe you can achieve great things.

We love working on exciting projects with like-minded and believe that cross-functional teams are truly awesome.

Pay it forward.

We believe knowledge is for everyone and that the world would be a better place if more businesses took on a more holistic approach.

Therefore, we share, as often as we can, our insights, experiences and sources of inspiration. So be sure to follow our social channels.